Upside Down Dictionary by W. Eberhard

I saw this book in Barnes & Noble's foreign language section.

The author calls it a “dictionary”; I would call it a “Chinese Gibberish Complication Guide for Idiots”. The only Chinese character on its cover is “book” (書,or simplified version: 书) is indeed upside down! This is a truly pathetic attempt by the pubisher to squeeze another $27.95 from the dumb and stupid. Now I know where the tattoo artists get their “hanzi” (汉字) from.

Note: Wolfram Eberhard was one of the early greats of China scholarship...was, as in he died in 1989. The author of 35 books who ended his career with a nearly three-decade run on the faculty of U Cal-Berkeley, A DICTIONARY OF CHINESE SYMBOLS was his last work. (thanks to an Anonymous, aka Chengdude, comment posted here)