Foreign Frog

Reader Erin Delgado emails:

"I used to wear this shirt quite a bit. I always assumed that the characters translated to 'dolls' because that is the brand name - 'dawls'. However I once wore it to Chinese restaurant and the waitress seemed a bit shocked by the shirt and now I only wear it in the privacy of my own home. However I am extremely curious as to what it actually says. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Erin Delgado"

The phrase on the shirt does not say "dolls", but "foreign frog".

= ocean, sea; foreign; western
= frog

The correct "dolls" is 娃娃.

I don't know why the waitress was shocked by the miswritten shirt, unless it means something else in sexual slang.

Update: From, here are some alternative definitions for "frog":

5. A promiscuous girl who "jumps" from bed to bed (like a frog).
6. Slang for a females genitalia since the clit can look like a frog's tongue jumping out to grab a fly.