RTFM Shirt featuring Chairman Mao

A week ago I have featured a trendy purse with pro-communism slogan here. Yesterday, reader Ben Ostrowsky has sent me a link to a RTFM t-shirt [shown above] at lafraise.com.

I really enjoyed the clever reference between Mao's red book and RTFM, which is a geek slang for "read the f*cking manual".

I am start to wonder if it is trendy to be a commie these days...


translated as "closely following Chairman Mao through strong wind big waves and advance forward".

= tense, tight, taut; firm, secure
= heel; to follow, accompany; with
= Chairman Mao
= be at, in, on; consist in, rest
= strong wind big waves; turmoil
= central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain
= to go forward; to forge ahead; to advance; onward